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About us

We are Nepu (Mrs.) and  Jasmin (Mr.) Šahinpašić. We live on a mountain in Bosnia, with our two daughters and a bunch of animals. We’re a family with three languages and two cultures, with a lot of love, laughter and shared pursuits.

Our kids are homeschooled and as a family we are into rewilding and permaculture as a way of life. We are enthusiastic about slow, sustainable and natural living.

Jasmin is originally from Sarajevo, (then) Yugoslavia, and Nepu from Helsinki, Finland. We met in Slovenia, where we lived and worked in film, event, and culture industry – having quite a different life to now!

When Jasmin’s mother passed away in 2013, we took over the lodge and moved to Bosnia. Since the early days we’ve come to love this way of life, it’s definitely a wild journey!

We work at Vukov konak with our small staff and volunteers from around the world. Going hiking or snowshoeing, building a community, having animals and a small garden is important to us. More than anything we’re family and nature oriented people, that’s a vibe we’re happy to share!