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A ‘good to know’ list for anyone staying with us.

Vukov Konak - yard in summer

The house

  1. Vukov konak is an uninsulated wooden house, it can feel chilly indoors during winter months and cool in the summer. Bring your home slippers and woollen jumpers!
  2. We do not have wifi, tv, or microwave. Mobile network coverage is weak. Hot water is not instant, it needs to be heated, and can take up to 2–3 hours
  3. We have power-cuts every now and then. Cut-offs usually last a few hours
  4. Our house is pet-friendly for all our guests and our resident cats often sleep indoors. If you’re staying overnight, please let us know about a pet you’ll be bringing along

The kitchen & food

  1. Our guests can enjoy all meals at Vukov konak restaurant. We don’t have a written menu, we offer seasonal foods and have only a few options for each meal (as per order also gluten-free, vegetarian etc.)
  2. All food is home made and cooked from scratch, be sure not to go hungry and keep in mind it’s not a fast food place
  3. The kitchen is used by our staff only
Vukov Konak - Summer Cake
Vukov Konak - Midsummer flower making with guests


  1. Your visit is likely to feel as if you’re visiting someone’s home or a community, and less like staying in a hotel. Although our family doesn’t live at Vukov konak, we often enjoy coffees and lunch all together.
  2. Our lifestyle is best described as ‘organic’. With enough time and good flow we get to spend the days with our guests and go hiking together etc.
    Staying with us during the week (Mon-Fri) ensures you a more peaceful ambience and possibility of going hiking with our family and staff —
  3. Atmosphere at Vukov konak is relaxed and easygoing. While it can be really quiet, especially summer weekends can also get pretty busy. Our kids and animals bring some noise and life into the house, too!
  4. We don’t have official check-in or -out times. We are glad to hear from our overnight guests at what time they’re planning to arrive!

The village and weather

  1. There are very few services in our village. Just a simple shop and a few places for coffees and beers further away
  2. There’s no public transportation and not all taxis drive up here. There are street lights in the village, but not all the way to Vukov konak.
  3. If you’re visiting us first time, we recommend checking our location and directions carefully, and arriving during daylight. If you don’t drive, let us book you a taxi.
  4. We don’t recommend hitchhiking up the mountain, in order not to get lost. (Hitching your way down, on the other hand, can be fairly easy.)
  5. The weather is unpredictable on the mountain. At 1300 meters it’s usually some degrees cooler than in Sarajevo and overall the weather changes quickly. Gear up with some extra layers, weatherproof clothes and hiking boots!
Vukov Konak - Defender on village road

These living conditions are a given here. We tend to look at them not as problems, but more as solutions within themselves.
Contact us for any details and help with directions, weather conditions, or overnight arrangements.