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Guest rooms are available here at Vukov konak. Get in touch with us to book.


Experience Wildlife

While enjoying in our peaceful oasis you may notice wild animals roaming around.


Wooden Sauna

Just when you thought It could not get any better than this – wooden sauna available for guests.


Traditional food

Jasmin cooks all foods from scratch. We use mostly local & seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the home cooked meals with us!

Vukov Konak

We are Nepu and Jasmin Šahinpašić. We live on a mountain in Bosnia, with our two daughters and a bunch of animals. We’re a family with three languages and two cultures, with a lot of love, laughter and shared pursuits.

Get in touch with us via social media or send us an email. If you are interested in staying at Vukov Konak mountain lodge use the form on contact page. Got any questions? I’m happy to answer. Stay up to date with latest news via the links bellow:

Our story

Where are we exactly on the map?

If you need directions please check our “Location” page. This is just an illustration of where Vukov Konak is located on the map of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are some 18km (30 minutes of drive) away from Sarajevo. We have also posted photos of road and turns that you need to take. Our coordinates for your GPS are 43.931532, 18.524966.


just a hop away from Sarajevo

Vukov konak is a mountain lodge offering 6 guest rooms and tiny huts, a restaurant, a Finnish sauna, and wilderness retreats.
We focus in eco practises, slow travel and simple lifestyle. Vukov konak is situated at 1300 meters altitude, only 18 kilometres from downtown Sarajevo.
The name Vukov konak means Wolf Inn, derived from the name of our village, Vučja Luka, Wolves’ haven.

We are remote. It’s rural, it’s deep in the woods, and high on a mountain.

We don’t have WIFI, we cook all food from scratch, and we heat the house with wood alone. It’s not a place for everyone. But it just might be the perfect place for you!

Vukov Konak - crep rocks
Vukov Konak - misty forest
Vukov Konak - Defender on a field
Vukov Konak - Mountain road in sunset

We’re open all weekends, but during the week only as per bookings. When there are none, we close our doors and go hiking with our family and volunteers.

To guarantee you’ll have a bed and warm food waiting, reserve with us in advance!
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