Hundreds of photos

We have gathered some of the best photos of the past five years – from the very first move and rebuilding days of Vukov konak till today – and there are hundreds of them!

This weekend the photo albums are finally for all to see at Vukov konak. There are photos from village festivals, Sarajevo, and hiking trips, you can see old and new friends of ours and Vukov konak, all the animals, and the magnificent scenery around us.

With the photos we are reminded again how we are lucky to spend our days up on the mountain!
And we would love for all of you to join us!

IMG_1611IMG_8273IMG_7028 IMG_6492 IMG_5830 IMG_5056 IMG_4575 IMG_3861 IMG_3284 IMG_1000IMG_7612IMG_7146IMG_6138IMG_2054IMG_0608

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