Village peace

Something that our guests often say when they arrive, is that it’s so beautiful and calm here on the mountain. And so it is. There’s no rush, no need to hurry. Everything happens as it should.

Througout the year we experience the weather changing, the seasons turning, colours shifting from snow white to the greens and bright blues and reds of the summer, and to the autumnal yellows and browns. Though we have street lights and phone lines and even internet here, in many ways life in the village still runs in the rhythm of the nature.

The busyness of harvest time and haymaking is now past us, it’s getting more quiet in the village, too. The sheep and cows are let out to the pastures in the morning, and fetched back home by dusk. There’s talk about snow and winter. Not yet here, but soon to reach us, putting a white blanket over the village.

Everything is slowing down on the mountain. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the last, lovely and peaceful autumn days.

IMG_7391 IMG_7387 IMG_7376 IMG_7374 IMG_7367 IMG_7364 IMG_7356

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