Winter solstice

As of today the days are longer! Winter is just starting here on the mountain, we’ve got a bit of snow and lots of sun – such a beautiful and romantic setting!

Over the past weeks we’ve had guests from the U.S., Finland, and all over. We’ve also been at Foodini, a new Sarajevan food festival, having a lot of fun! We’ve had thunder storms and sunny days and new snow. We’ve had the honor to host our lovely friends from Germany, people that visited us first time just ten months ago. A week ago a new face came by, Albert from Spain, liking the atmosphere so much that he’s sticking around for a while. And the international vibe continues as we are receiving soon more guests from Slovenia and Germany!

As it is, it’s been busy at times, but never so much we didn’t fully enjoy the company of our friends and guests. Sitting by the fire, going for walks, eating well, and having a little ‘kuhano vino’.

The unhurried days of the wonderful winter are ahead of us – it couldn’t look any better for the holiday season!IMG_8017 IMG_8005 IMG_7997 IMG_8040 IMG_8026IMG_8030 IMG_8077 IMG_8053

IMG_8134 IMG_8124 IMG_8123 IMG_8108 IMG_8087

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