At Vukov konak we’re happy to help planning your stay –
nature retreats and hiking holidays are our speciality!

Hit the Bosnian slopes – yes, there’s skiing in Bosnia!

  • Sleep at Vukov konak
  • Enjoy our mountain style big breakfast
  • Take a ride to ski resorts such as Olympic Games’ Bjelašnica and Jahorina – ski, snowboard, have a blast!
  • Return by late afternoon for dinner and sauna
  • Spend the evening by the fire, chilling out and having drinks in good company
  • Other activities can include snowshoeing, walking, hiking, or just enjoying the peace at Vukov konak

*Three or four night package includes staying at Vukov konak, use of sauna, all transports, ski passes, breakfasts + dinners etc.

Rewild in Bosnia

  • Hike, bike, or take a ride to Skakavac waterfall
  • Go nightwalking in the fields and forests (with headlamps and a guide)
  • Visit the local sheep farm and enjoy some coffees and rakijas
  • Take a 4×4 ‘safari’ to a nearby village for lunch
  • Eat traditional Bosnian foods
  • Enjoy sauna and drinks out in the garden at night, sit by the fire or watch the stars and listen to the mountain forest

*Two or three night package includes staying at Vukov konak, use of sauna, all transports, activities and visits, breakfasts + dinners etc.

We recommend you to:

  • UNWIND Listen to silence – Go for a hike – Pat our animals – Reconnect with nature – Read, take photos, and write – Eat and drink well
  • RELAX Do yoga or meditate – Play board games – Enjoy the company of others, or enjoy the solitude – Go to sauna – Sleep long, wake up renewed


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IMG_5605 IMG_7561 IMG_6305 IMG_8349IMG_7146 IMG_7064

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