Day trips with us

Natural beauty, fresh mountain air, and rural scenery – that’s all around us. And that’s all we have here!

Whether you’re here for longer, or only have a few hours – no worries, we’ll take you to the wilderness!

Come along!

There are several routes to choose from. Our trips are from 1,5 hours to 6 hour hikes / snowshoeing trips. Cost per person is from 12 euros.

  • Open mountain range (Crepoljsko) – 2–6 km – 1,5–3+ hours
    • meet up in the village
    • drive to the end of paved road
    • hike, drinks / snacks at a local scenic bar, hike back
    • drive back
  • Forests and meadows – 3–6 km – 2–4+ hours
    • meet up in the village / Vukov konak
    • hike through the forests and meadows
    • possibility for a coffee/rakija/snack break
    • return to the village / Vukov konak
  • Waterfall hike (Skakavac) – 8–16 km – 3–6+ hours
    • meet up in the village
    • drive up
    • hike to the waterfall
    • continue hiking to a mountain hut restaurant for lunch
    • drive back to the village


  • You can combine the hikes with your stay at Vukov konak, or come completely independently, while staying overnight in Sarajevo / elsewhere
  • We happily organise snacks / lunch / dinner either out on the trail, in a restaurant en route, or at the end of the walk at Vukov konak
  • Hiking / snowshoeing trips are possible only Monday–Friday
  • All walks are for 1–8 persons at a time. (Bigger groups are possible, let us know about your plans.)
  • All trips are by booking only

For specific plans, prices etc. contact us on 

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