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Green tourism

On the mountain we live hand in hand with our environment. Our aim is to take care and protect the wilderness around us. Running a tourism business can harm nature, hence we try to have a conscious mind and make wise decisions. We educate ourselves and our staff on ecological choices and sustainable living.

Green Tourism in Vukov Konak - walk on Bosnian mountain

What we do

  • Use energy saving lights
  • Produce minimal waste, compost and recycle everything possible
  • Minimise our consumption of energy and water
  • Buy all possible produce locally
  • Buy eco certified products
  • Use produce that are in season
  • Make our own juices, jams, and canned goodies for winter
Green Tourism in Vukov Konak - Walk in wild forest

How you can participate

  • Let us introduce you to the local people, surroundings, and customs
  • See the surroundings hiking or biking
  • Leave no litter in the nature
  • Enjoy the simplicity: Be entertained by the night sky and the moon, all nature surrounding you, our books, and the fireplace
  • Put lights off in the room when not in use, have quick showers, be conscious when using water, fire wood, and electricity
  • Buy from the local producers