Outside Vukov Konak

Vukov Konak has a plot of about half a hectare (1,2 acres), mostly covered with woods. Outside our land there are deep forests, beautiful meadows, and cattle pastures. Further on you can enjoy the hiking paths and endless spots of natural beauty.

On the plot, right next to the main building we have a smaller house, suitable for a group 6-12 to dine in privacy or just to enjoy a few drinks casually. It also serves as a secondary sleeping room, when needed.

We have a covered, open air summer kitchen and sitting area. Here guests can watch the chef at work and food being prepared on the sač (traditional way of cooking) or meat rolling on a spit.

Further behind the main house of Vukov Konak there is a Finnish sauna, fixed with an original Finnish wood burning stove. Guests are welcomed to book the sauna for their private use for two hours per booking. For a larger group or special occasions we also rent it for a whole evening. The sauna will be heated traditionally for Christmas, New Years Eve and Midsummer Night, and as often as anyone at Vukov Konak likes to have a good sauna bath.

IMG_7555 IMG_5379 IMG_1891 IMG_1852 IMG_9636_2 IMG_9631IMG_4362 IMG_4284 IMG_4269 IMG_2054

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