At Vukov konak we serve traditional foods, too. And while we love to cook, our place isn’t exactly a restaurant. There’s no menu, there are no waiters as such, and it all functions pretty unconventionally – just remember, it ain’t a fast food place!

Ordering food at Vukov konak:
Stop Jasmin or our volunteers, let them know you’re getting hungry, and hang on 🙂

We offer simple and tasty, Bosnian foods, such as uštipci, pura, and razljevak. We can also fix vegetarian or gluten free dishes.

Seasonal food

In the spring we have wild garlic, early summer is wild herb time, later summer and autumn are the best time for all fresh vegetables and mushrooms. We buy our food stuffs as local as possible. We also have a small garden for growing our own salads, herbs, and vegetables.

Eggs, milk, and most dairy products are provided by a neighbour in the village. We go to the market in Sarajevo regularly for any vegetables we can’t produce or buy on the mountain. Honey we purchase from a village some 30 km away, and some special oils come from Korčula island in Croatia and Prekmurje region in Slovenia.

Foodie dinners

When possible we love to prepare dinner to be enjoyed with all guests gathering over one big table together! Occasionally we organise dinner parties with food ranging from Scandinavian delicacies to slow food with local wines and special seasonal offerings.




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