Finnish sauna

Welcome to experience sauna – a unique atmosphere of peace and magic.

Traditionally sauna is place to relax, unwind, bathe, and heal. It is a space for solitude or to be enjoyed with family and friends. It is also thought to be a sacred place.

Our sauna has a wood burning stove brought from Finland – the sauna country –

Sauna for health

The health benefits of sauna include rise of endorfine levels, relieving of asthmatic symptoms, and lowering of blood pressure. Overall the experience is good for the body and soul: The soothing warmth makes one feel safe and comfortable, and the natural and slow perspiration is a great way to release some toxins of the body.

Book Vukov konak sauna

You can either simply book the sauna for bathing, or add a complete sauna experience for your visit here; be it team building, hiking, long lunch or dinner with friends, etc.

In the summer we’ll be happy to serve you drinks and dinner on the sauna terrace with a beautiful view to the opposite hill. And in the winter time we’ll have dinner ready for you by the fire in the main house.

Book your sauna bathing beforehand, especially if you are wishing for a specific time or service. (If you are already staying overnight with us, in advance booking is not needed – just note it takes approximately 1-1,5 hours for the sauna to be bathing ready.)

For non-overnighting guests the sauna charge is 10 KM per person, with 2 hours bathing time.

How to…

* Place bench covers / towels on the benches (provided by us), and sit or lie down on the bench
* Use water in the wood bucket to throw some water on the stove – this gives a little steam and moist heat to the air
* Use plastic buckets and scoop to mix cold (from the outside water system) and hot water (from the stove tank) for washing yourself
* ‘Shower’ yourself outside the sauna using the plastic bucket and scoop – in the fresh mountain air (or have a modern shower in the main house)

* Be aware of the stove, it is burning hot! DO NOT touch the stove stones or its sides under any circumstance
* It is advisable to bath without any clothing (if you wish to cover yourself, use a bath towel instead), underwear or swimming wear really isn’t comfortable for sauna
* Many people like to sprinkle a little water over themselves before entering the heat, others may want to cover their hair with a towel
* Most enjoy sauna when the temperature is 60-80°C, if the heat feels overwhelming, it is perfectly ok to have a break on the terrace and even leave the steam room door open for a moment

The Finnish sauna is all about enjoying and taking it easy – it’s not a sport or an achievement, but a perfect way to relax and give yourself some time off 🙂


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