Family Š and the house

We are Jasmin (Mr.) and Nepu (Mrs.) Šahinpašić. We live on a mountain in Bosnia, with our two daughters and a bunch of animals. We’re a family with three languages and two cultures, with a lot of love, laughter and shared pursuits.

Our kids are unschooled and we as a family are into rewilding and permaculture as a way of life! We are enthusiastic about slow mountain life and sustainable and natural living.

We moved to our mountain from Ljubljana, Slovenia, about 550 kilometers and two country borders away. We both used to work in film, event, and culture industry, having somewhat busy lives.
Jasmin’s mother started Vukov konak back in 2010, and when she passed away in 2013, we took over the lodge. Since the early days we’ve come to love this path of ours, it definitely is a wild journey!

“We’re so happy to experience this adventure,
it’s a wonderful way of life!”

Short story of the house

The house was moved to its current plot in 2009 from the original site, some five kilometers from here, on a nearby mountain. Before it got a new life as Vukov Konak guesthouse, it was the home of a family.

The upper floors did not exist in the original construction, but hay, grains, and meat etc. were dried high up on the ceiling. The house had been abandoned years ago, but it had stayed in excellent condition.

The name Vukov konak means Wolf Inn, derived from the name of our village, Vucja Luka, Wolves’ haven.


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