What people say?

Words from our guests in our guestbook

“We felt like meeting friends than strangers”, a German-American couple after their first trip to Vukov konak.

“Being here is good. There are moments of just ‘being’. No need to be travelling anywhere”, a Finnish guest of ours.

“I can’t remember the last time I slept so well. Just like at home in Lapland”, another Finnish guest.

“We simply love this place. That’s why we keep coming back”, a Slovenian couple.

“I spent very relaxed & beautiful autumn day at Vukov konak. Walking, reading, sleeping & eating – perfect!” A guest from Finland.

“Spending time at Vukov konak is always something what brings special family moments to our family”, a Slovenian family with 2 children.

“The surroundings are incredibly beautiful – todays’ walk to Ozren was somehow the best in a long time, the peacefulness of the countryside was perfect”, a Finnish guest.

“We very much enjoyed Jasmin’s food, playing cards with Albert, painting and playing with Iita, laughing with Aimi…” A German couple.

“Thank you so much for building up such a wonderful and peaceful place! — We hope to be back.” Another German couple.

Reviews on Tripadvisor

“From the first time I visited I felt that this place is kind of like second home. Each time I reach that last strip of road that goes through the woods, all the worries disappear, and I’m just happy and relaxed.
Any season has something to offer and I really cant decide if I like it more when its covered in snow and looks like winter fairytale (with horses appearing in front of your car to lick the salt of your car), or in the summer when you can leave the unbearable heat of the city and lay in the shade in some good company, good book and most delicious food.”
— Dragan on Tripadvisor.

“So far I’m only visited Vukov Konak in the hopes of getting couple of days off from “normal life” and spend quality time with my friends, relax and have no hurry anywhere for once. Options are open for hiking, biking, Sarajevo visits etc… but sometimes just the fact that you can “dissapear” for a long afternoon nap and eat homemade simple, but delicious food from morning till the evening, is all one needs (this is my favorite part). Goats running around & super friendly people makes it like second home pace. It feels like one big happy community 🙂 ”
— Tytti on Tripadvisor.

“Just a short trip from Sarajevo finds you in some of the most serene and beautiful surroundings in the area. This eco “attraction” offers cozy lodging, terrific food and lots of outdoor possibilities. You get relaxed just being there–perfect for hiking, biking, winter activity or just sitting and letting nature draw you in. The owners, Jasmin and Nepu, are friendly and welcoming. Jasmin is a great cook; everything was really tasty, including things he usually doesn’t prepare but did in order to accommodate special diets. Nema problema (no problem). And prices are very reasonable. They also lead outdoor activities or can advise you on what to do and help arrange it. Friendly animals abound on the property–goats, dogs, occasionally donkeys. A totally reviving experience. Definitely worth returning to.”
— Les on Tripadvisor.

“Perfect place to run away from city and pollution. Great food, interior, service and connection with nature. Dog friendly too.”
— Adnan on Tripadvisor.

“Those looking for adventure – you can talk to Jasmin about adrenalin 4×4 rides, hiking … Or simply find yourself a corner, relax and recharge for the up-coming week. The air is clean and fresh, the nature beautiful. We simply loved it!!”
— Selma on Tripadvisor.

Blogs and articles

“Imagine lush spruce forest with nettles, wild garlic, wild berries and all other mouthwatering things to be used in cooking. Imagine delicious home made traditional food made by the man in the house. Imagine a glass of ´rakija´, from self picked fruits, after a walk or mountain biking on the forest trail. Imagine being away from high tech and only taking your camera. Imagine some sounds – cooking, men playing chess and having their morning beer, laughter, donkey yelling, kid running, cat sipping water and goatlings jumping on flower pots.”
A blog post by a travelling Finn.

Näyttökuva 2015-04-10 kohteessa 18.29.34

And another blog post (in German) by a great German couple that stayed at Vukov konak with friends over the coldest days of December 2014.

We were interviewed in the early 2014 by a Bosnian newspaper, and here’s the article.

Näyttökuva 2015-04-10 kohteessa 18.57.07

Here’s a link to a short TV interview made in late summer 2014 (in Bosnian).

And another interview, in a Croatian magazine (in Croatian).
Näyttökuva 2015-04-10 kohteessa 18.49.14Photo by Stipe Surać.

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