Having foreign nomads as part of our crew
is an invaluable asset to the house itself as well as us!

It all began in December 2014, when we were joined by Albert from Catalunya. He stayed with us for that whole winter, and changed the way we see Vukov konak today!
(Read more about Albert and his stay here.)

IMG_9713— Our early year winter 2015 crew with volunteering Albert and Aleksi from Finland. —

There’s been countless volunteers since these two first ones, Albert and Aleksi. From all over the world, from all walks of life, and it couldn’t be better – we’ve never looked back!

Vukov konak thrives when there are people around! We as a family thrive when there is life, laughter and action going on.

Come to the mountain looking for a simpler life
Return to the world having experienced something valuable

Next up: You?

We have 2-3 volunteers at a time. We offer room and board (single / double private room + all meals) in exchange of helping with the daily chores in the house.
The work includes anything from heating the house, chopping wood, and feeding the animals, to waitering, shovelling snow, and minding the children.

We hope for whoever joins us to stay a minimum of 8 weeks. 
Please contact us through our Facebook page or email: nepu@vukovkonak.com.

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